KIDO'Z is a product designed for young children ranging between three and eight years old. One key feature is that it secures a personal protected Web environment where the kids can freely operate without parent supervision. This is as safe as it gets with respect to filtering out adult content.

The KIDO'Z Browser allows the kids to watch only approved content. The system blocks links, scripts and any other attempts that lead to sites and content which have not been approved, preventing them being viewed by the children. So there is no chance that kids get exposed to unwanted content such as online poker, sex or alcohol.

This is a personalized environment where the parent can set the parameters for his kids. First there is a lot of content by default as it comes pre-stocked with a wide variety of videos and games, a lot of fun games, some mind, number or word quizzes and games. There is a space for homework. In addition each parent can upload content for his kids and this content can be shared, which helps providing new content to the KIDO'Z community on a regular basis.

The kid can use the program herself and it is all based on mouse clicks, no need to use the keyboard. No need to read either as all navigation is made by clicking on images. They have a nice collection of games to choose from.

Kido'z is a simple, self-contained and entertaining children's world that provides kids with plenty of fun games and access to some Web sites, so they can learn about computers and the Internet in a safe way. The parents have the control and flexibility to guarantee that the browsing of their children is safe en enjoyable for a wide variety of ages.

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