Nickelodeon's Adobe AIR application is an intriguing jigsaw puzzle game for young kids. They have to browse the company's website at and search for the pieces of a video. Once found, they can then bring each element of the puzzle back into the application and play the video after all pieces have been added. This game is particularly interesting to nick's fans, as a new video puzzle is released each week.



This puzzle is loved by kids between ages four to eight. They have to hunt for the puzzle pieces hidden around They can they grab and drop them directly into the application. When finished they get a reward, as they can play an exclusive cartoon. This AIR apps has the feeling of a Treasure hunt, and it helps create traffic and repeat visits to the nickelodeon website.

AIR enabled this playful and entertaining application very adapted to young kids, in particular with the ability to drag and drop.

Nick is an American cable television channel owned by MTV Networks, specialized in Kids & Family programs. Their main target audience is children ages six to twelve, with additional programs for older and younger kids.

Some of their favorite programs are SpongeBob SquarePants, the Penguins of Madagascar, the adventure of Jimmy Neutron and Diego. They also play adult broadcast at night, like The Cosby Show, The Nanny or Everybody Hates Chris.

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