Avatar Interactive Trailer

Avatar is the iconic movie of the decade, having set a new record for world box office over two billion dollars. With amazing 3D special effects and an innovative script, this film deserves to be added to the list of best science fiction movies.

Avatar Interactive Trailer is a trailer created using AIR. This is the next level in trailers, with interactive access to special content embedded in the application. Plus integration with real-time feeds of Tweeter conversations, YouTube real-time video updates and Flickr's images.

This is a cool interactive trailer. While playing the trailer, you get to click on some topics and by doing so, another small screen pops up and explores the feature of interest, such as the character Corporal Jake Sully played by Sam Worthington. This application was part of the big promotion before the film release, but fans of the movie can still watch it as it gives more insights into the film and the different characters.

You can download the trailer at the site movie: avatar movie.

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