iPhone5 features

Coveted by excellence, the iphone 5 equipped with a new 4 "screen, a revised design and a brand new iOS 6 has taken the range of smartphones to the next level. Here are few technological and design related aspects that make it a success:

1. Design.

Largest, but with its 112g weight it is still thinner and lighter than its direct competitors: Samsung Galaxy S3 (133g) Lumia 920 (185g) and HTC One X (130g), to name a few. The slate applied to the back and the edges of the mobile gives it a charm and reflects the apple's desire to give the sides of the smartphone a classy look.

2. Resistance to fingerprints and scratches.

Apple has lived upto its reputation with the new iPhone5. Whether you have large or small hands, it is simply a delight to use and handle this version of iPhone. The oleophobic coating on the body makes it resistant to fingerprints and offers a feeling that is unique. You must take it at least once in hand to realize and get an accurate idea about ??it. Finally, note that the volume keys are now centered that happen to make iPhone5 convenient for video calling and several other functions.

3. Screen.

At a time when most upscale smartphones, are flirting with 4.3 ", 4.7", even affording a good big 5 "of Galaxy Note 2, the iPhone 5 is happy with a screen of 4 ". There is not much to complain about this screen as the 4 " screen is the ideal format.

4. Bright screen.

An ambitious resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels (326 ppi) allows the iPhone5 to get away with the honors. To evoke slightly more technical feel, this new screen abandons the old iPhone aspect ratio to develop a new format better suited to a landscape mode. It offers more than 176 pixels height and video content in 720p. In addition to this, the saturation is comparable to that of an iPad of next generation and the colors seem richer.

5. Processor.

Apple, in contrast to its direct competitors like HTC and Samsung, is a company that dwells on the technical specifications of it's products. Thus, the iPhone 5 is based on the latest technological specifications with a dual-core processor A6 SoC (custom) clocked at 1.07 GHz, and 1GB of RAM.

6. Autonomy.

What about the autonomy of the iPhone 5? Well, unfortunately, the new iPhone does not revolutionize much in this area. iPhone 4 and 4S battery delivered 1420 and 1430 mAh respectively. The battery powering the iPhone 5 is 1440 mAh that is reasonably better.

7. The Lightning.

Apple has indeed replaced the old 30 pin equipped devices by a new solution named Lightning, almost similar to the micro USB in size. The manufacturers now have the opportunity to propose new accessories for iPhone5 as you will not be able to use the traditional audio jack compatible with 30-pin dock. On the issue of transfers, Lightning offers a slight improvement in the rate of data flow. When you copy large amounts of data via iTunes, there are chances that you save a few seconds, compared to an equivalent transfer on iPhone 4S.

8. Interface and Navigation.

Screen that is longer is more comfortable for 3D games and videos. The system that was used for Apple smartphones has not been lost as the changes in the interface are minor. Facebook is now more integrated and it invites applications such as calendar and photos sharing directly from the gallery.

9. Sound.

The sound quality generated by the iPhone 5 is slightly greater than that offered by the iPhone 4S. The speakers of iPhone5 offer 100.3 dBA which is 2 dBA higher than the iPhone 4S. Call quality in iphone5 is more than satisfactory. Apple has built 3 mic terminals and coupled them with a technology that reduces noise.

10. Videos and photos.

The iPhone 4S was already doing particularly well when it came to taking pictures, and unsurprisingly, the iPhone 5 does the same. It is even better in reality, since its 8 megapixel sensor offering Sapphire iSight lens and an aperture f/2.4 will now be able to take panoramas with iOS 6. And then the iPhone 5 has a shutter speed that cannot be faster and is able to take pictures while capturing video. Front sensor of 1.2 megapixels on the sides is useful for taking self-pictures with ease.

The iPhone 5 promises to take good pictures as the tones and colors rendered by photographs taken from an iPhone 5 are more balanced and convincing. It seems clear that the iPhone 5 is the best camera phone available on the market today.

The conclusion is clear that the iPhone 5 is the best iPhone released till date. Its amazing performance with its new iOS6 processor, 4 " screen that gives a whole new dimension to iOS 6 and its grip that is now even more enjoyable ensures that its success is undeniable! So if you need a short-term loan to buy the iphone5, get one, as it is really worth it. Apple has once again aced their latest product release.

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